Apply for Farm grants on your French property

This site is about making a French hobby-farm a financially feasible project. It is a distillation of my experiences as a hobby-farm owner, using grants and subsidies to improve the land, buildings and equipment. French-farm-grants will help guide you through the grant process in France.

Who is french-farm-grants for?

  • Do you own a property in France with a hectare1 or more?
  • Are you searching for a property in France with more than a hectare1?
  • Want to live the rural dream in a rustic village keeping a few sheep, goats and chickens?
  • Want a holiday home that both entertains and breaks-even?

Learn how  

  • Applying for grants is labyrinthine, avoid the pitfalls with the routemap.
  • Use the calculator to see how much you might be able to claim over 5 years.
  • Look at the scenarios to envisage how the grants can be applied to your chosen farming activity.
  • Work through the registration process to meet all the criteria demanded for grant applications.